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Is myLaser laser hair removal for me?

Our laser hair removal technology is the most effective at getting rid of even the most stubborn hairs. It's safe, effective and suitable for all skin types.

Why do people choose myLaser?

A staggering 85% of new myLaser customers have chosen us due to a recommendation or referral. We know that by surpassing our clients' expectations in terms of service and results, they'll spread the word and refer their family and friends.

Why is myLaser technology effective?

Our laser machine is Nd:YAG. which has a wavelength of 1064nm.

Why is this significant in our clients achieving their desired results?

Simply put, this wavelength has the deepest penetration when compared with other manufacturers, which utilise alexandrite and/or diode technology.

To permanently remove stubborn, deep rooted-hair there is no better technology then lasers with Nd:YAG (1064nm or greater)

Is myLaser hair removal good value for money?

This is subjective and boils down to one single question: “What is important to you?”

Benefits of myLaser:

  • Proven, tried, tested and safe
  • Improves texture of skin
  • Removes ingrown hairs
  • Noticeable results within the first two sessions – hair regrowth finer and slower
  • Effective results by completion of treatment sessions
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Deepest penetration and precision of all laser and IPL technology
  • Saves time in the long run
  • Initially more expensive, but in medium and long-term (3-7 years) it is considerably cheaper
  • Having that silky-smooth hair-free feeling all the time, and the confidence that goes with it

Compared to:


  • Cheap
  • Quick


  • Ineffective
  • Tedious
  • Frequent
  • Messy
  • Cuts
  • Ineffective in eliminating ingrown hairs, razor bumps
  • Stubbly regrowth
  • Feeling silky-smooth for a very short time


  • Cheaper when compared to laser


  • Ineffective
  • Time-consuming (based on once a month – every month)
  • Painful
  • Often
  • Messy
  • Ineffective in eliminating ingrown hairs
  • Stubbly regrowth which will dictate what clothes you can wear
  • Feeling silky-smooth for a short time


  • Cheaper than laser when compared to a single session


  • Ineffective when compared to laser
  • Typically require between 10 and 12 sessions
  • More time due to the requirement for more sessions
  • More cost in the long run due to more sessions
  • Ineffective in eliminating ingrown hair
  • Not suitable for skin tones III or higher
  • Not precise
  • Greater risk of burns


  • Effective on the majority of hair
  • Long lasting


  • Ineffective in eliminating ingrown hair
  • Laser penetration not as deep as Nd:YAG laser technology

How is myLaser making laser hair removal accessible to more people?

We have a number of payment options to fit your lifestyle.

  • Full payment on commencement of the first session
  • Monthly Direct Debit across 10 months, this option is only applicable where the total treatment cost is more than £600
  • Pay As You Go

Is myLaser treatment painful?

This is all down to the individual; however, we frequently hear that it is not as painful as waxing. A more accurate description is that it is like an elastic band flicking against your skin. At myLaser we use an iCool machine, which is an air conditioning system that integrates seamlessly with the Fotona Nd:YAG laser machine. The iCool unit blasts cold air at temperatures as low as minus 30°C onto the skin. Using both in conjunction minimises any potential for pain or discomfort during the treatment.

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