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What to ask your laser hair removal specialist

Discover the right questions to ask your laser hair removal specialist before treatment, to ensure you are safe and happy with the results.

We at myLaser appreciate that there are a number of factors that you will take into consideration before deciding what is right for you.

However, before committing to any treatment you should ask your therapist the following questions for YOUR OWN peace of mind and, most importantly, your safety.


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Is the laser machine a Class 4 laser?

Why should I ask this question?

If the laser machine that is going to be used on you is not a Class 4 laser, why pay for a service that is proven to not be as effective in eliminating unwanted hair? It is great seeing an attractive headline price, but is it really worth it if you need at least 10 sessions and don't see the same results as you would in a salon with Class 4 laser equipment?


Is the person administrating the treatment qualified to an accredited Qualification in laser/IPL and Light Therapy Treatments (Level 4) Training Course?

Why should I ask this question?

The regulatory body states that all therapists wishing to carry out laser or IPL treatments must have the Level 4 qualification. This is a mandatory requirement which came into effect in 2016.


3. Does the laser machine have a 'CE' mark to indicate that it complies with EU safety, health and environmental requirements for use within the UK?

Why should I ask this question?

If there is no 'CE' mark on the back of the laser machine, chances are it is an import from the Far East. Are you comfortable in the knowledge that a therapist is potentially firing shots from an unsafe laser machine onto your skin?


4. Has the machine been serviced and maintained within the last 12 months by the manufacturer or an authorised distributor?

Why should I ask this question?

Do you really want to take the risk of having a laser or IPL administered on your body in the knowledge that the machine has not been inspected, serviced or maintained to the highest levels of safety and effectiveness possible?


5. Has the business got a Special Treatment Licence (dependant on the local authority), issued by the local council within the last 12 months?

Why should I ask this question?

Regulations are in place to protect you as a consumer, as well as ensuring that best practice and safety standards are adhered to. Are you happy in giving your money to a salon that is unregulated and unlicensed, just because they have given you the 'deal' of a lifetime? Would you be concerned that by supporting an unregulated and unlicensed salon that you are increasing your risk of burns or permanent scars when undertaking treatments?


6. Has the therapist been trained on the safe use of the laser machine by the manufacturer?

Why should I ask this question?

Once again, this is for your own safety; only by undergoing a manufacturer's training cause can the therapist be expected to know all the parameters and settings of the laser machine they are using.

Qualification is the first step in competency. The second step is ensuring that the therapist has been trained on the settings and parameters of the machine they are going to use. As you can appreciate, the power, fluence, pulse width settings and more will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.


7. Is there an Expert Medical Practitioner on call/retainer with the salon?

Why should I ask this question?

There are approximately 200 off the shelf and prescription medications which will increase the risk of hyper and hypopigmentation (simply put the darkening or lightening of the skin). One of the primary purposes of the consultation is for the EMP to advise the laser practitioner of any potential risk based on the medication you take.


At the end of the day, these questions are for your safety and wellbeing. Don't be embarrassed to ask these questions in your consultation and ensure that you see proof of the necessary documents. Unfortunately, there simply are too many salons that put profit before safety.

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